Dream Aquarium

Dream Aquarium

An animated aquarium screensaver
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Animated aquarium screensaver with many fish having articulated fins, moving eyes, gills and mouth, and a crab cleaning the bottom of the aquarium. It offers shifting light rays, ground ripples, waving plants, etc.

Dream Aquarium is the most realistic aquarium screensaver for Windows. In my years, I have always loved to have a screensaver that resembles an aquarium with fish swimming and playing around. Having such a saver is so relaxing. When I stumbled upon Dream Aquarium I was perplexed, but in a good way. The graphics are simply jaw-dropping. There are plenty of different fish and they all look like their real counterparts. The first time I saw this screensaver it was being projected onto a 100-inch wall. You could only imagine how great it looked. I had to get it. Other than the great graphics, you also get a relaxing watery sound. Like bubble bursting constantly. It is relaxing indeed. Other than that, the aquarium looks just like any of its competitors. The fish swim with no apparent heading. They don't interact with anything, they just swim. Dream Aquarium isn't the cheapest screensaver that you can get, but its great-looking graphics, its stability and the incredible presentation are worth every penny.

José Fernández
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